Deformation monitoring

Deformation monitoring is the surveying process where frequent measurements are taken to determine movement and/or changes on natural or man-made objects. Forces that may cause deformation could be changes to ground water levels, the removal or addition of materials, construction techniques or other external influences.

This process has become increasingly important as it affects the health and safety of people, project budgets and project timelines. By implementing a deformation monitoring system risks are identified earlier and can be acted on accordingly.

Deformation monitoring is mainly (but not exclusively) carried out on the following schemes / project scenarios:

  • New structures to validate the theoretical settlement and deflection models.
  • Existing structures on adjoining properties to identify and substantiate any claims.
  • The preservation of historical structures to detect any variation from the expected normal movement of the structure.
  • Excavated faces, embankments and existing terrain to determine the rate of slippage and prevent / predict catastrophic failure.

With our own least squares adjustment, error propagation and analysis computer software we can determine if any deformation has occurred and the magnitude, velocity and direction of the movement. This analysis can be delivered to the client as a stand-alone document or embedded into a drawing as text with isopachite contours to visually describe the deformation.

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